GMPriority Pharma

Meet the Team

Highly-skilled with a combined experience of over 35 years in the field of liposomal encapsulation.

Our team of formulation scientists, researchers, doctors and PhDs specialise in quality control systems, guaranteeing the high quality of all formulations. Our mission is to create the most absorbable, efficacious products, achieving increasingly impressive results.

By leveraging our extensive expertise in liposomal development and manufacturing, every SAIFx® formulation is world-leading.

Professor Mohammad Najlah

BPharm, PgDip, PhD, FHEA, FRSC

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Dr. Hanan Abdalmaula


Head of R&D and Research Lead

Dr. Sahrish Rehmani

R.Ph., Pharm.D., M.Phil (Pharmaceutics), Ph.D.

Principal Scientist and Regulatory Lead

Dr. Chloe Bradbury


Head of Medical Affairs and
Business Strategy

Pioneering Liposomal Technologies

GMPriority Pharma provide turnkey solutions for white label and contract manufacturing of liposomal formulations. Your premier partner for any liposomal project.

The strength of GMPriority Pharma’s unique approach is embedded within our comprehensive involvement in every step of the development process. Supported by an exceptional team of formulation scientists, researchers, academics and our own purpose-built production facility, we seamlessly control everything from development to production.

The GMPriority Pharma UK facility reflects our commitment to excellence: cGMP, featuring three R&D laboratories, a microbiology laboratory, a Class 7 cleanroom and an FDA accredited, FSSC ISO 22000 production suite which is continually monitored with routine microbiology and advanced 3M Clean Trace luminometer.

We are experts in our field, with a unified team that collaborates on every aspect of our business.

From research and development to formula creation and final production, we demand and deliver the highest standards.

Cutting-Edge Research

At GMPriority Pharma, we continuously innovate technologies to enhance bioavailability. Our products achieve superior bioavailability through advanced liposomal technology. Liposomes, sharing the same structure as our cell membranes, encapsulate active ingredients, ensuring they remain intact through the stomach and release effectively in the intestines for optimal absorption. For those customers who prefer capsules over liquid supplements, we have developed a dry liposome version of this technology.

We carefully create and test various new formulation technologies to ensure evidence-based results, consistently producing liposomal formulations with the highest bioavailability.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Knowledge and insights acquired through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between GMPriority Pharma and Anglia Ruskin University significantly influenced the strategic direction of the business, particularly concerning market expansion.  

Through the KTP, Dr. Sahrish Rehmani, a former Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Anglia Ruskin and now Senior Formulation Scientist at GMPP, established herself as a key member of the R&D team. Dr. Rehmani’s academic experiences have supported GMPriority Pharma in successfully completing scale ups of production for some of the most scientifically proven liposomal formulas.

This work was recognised in the “outstanding” grade awarded to the KTP by Innovate UK, a true reflection of the innovation at GMPriority Pharma.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Outstanding Grade

“The Knowledge Transfer Partnership has been a transformational journey for my research and created unbelievable opportunities for me to link with industry, develop my ideas and use my knowledge and expertise in collaboration with an industry partner to translate research from lab bench to store shelves.”

Professor Najlah speaking on the benefits of the KTP with Anglia Ruskin University

Formulation Development

GMPriority Pharma specialise in liposome production, research, and lipid encapsulation technologies.

We adopt a highly scientific approach, with a strong emphasis on the quality, efficiency, and bioavailability of every formula. Our focus on improving bioavailability is paramount, as it directly impacts the efficacy and benefits of our supplements.

Impactful Contribution

The significant contribution of Professor Najlah to the field of pharmaceutics and innovative methods of nano-encapsulation extends far beyond the confines of academia. His pioneering research has led to the development of novel formulations with profound implications for drug delivery, cell uptake, and efficacious results. From targeted cancer therapies to enhanced bioavailability of complex nutraceuticals, his work has catalysed a paradigm shift in the way actives are developed, formulated, and administered. 

GMPriority Pharma has a rich history of collaborating with academic research laboratories across the globe. 


To work with Professor Najlah and his team on any liposomal encapsulation project, whether commercial or academic, please contact us and one of our team will be in touch.