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Boasting state of the art facilities, including an FSSC ISO 22000, GMP certified, UK production cleanroom and fully equipped R&D laboratories. Leading the way in the research of liposomes and their application.

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GMPriority Pharma are a multi-disciplinary team of liposomal industry professionals, with over 35 years of combined expertise in liposome technology, commercial liposomal production, scale-up procedure, product development and research.

As liposomal encapsulation specialists, we have accumulated a combination of technological expertise and knowledge in the fields of nanoencapsulation and liposomes.

Our team deliver ground-breaking, innovative, high-quality liposomal formulations, used by leading pharmaceutical and nutraceutical brands around the world. 

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GMPriority Pharma have developed a unique, proprietary liposomal technology.

Encapsulating nutrients into very small multi-layer spheres or liposomes overcomes the problem of poor bioavailability in oral supplementation.

Liposomes are lipid-based vesicles consisting of at least one lipid bilayer, used primarily to encapsulate bioactive compounds to enhance bioavailability.

Liposomes have the extraordinary advantage of being able to carry both water and fat soluble contents and are therefore the ideal, and far superior method.


For those customers who require product in bulk format for final destination bottling and capping.




a liposome fat and water soluble bioactive

Experts in Liposomes Targeted Delivery

GMPriority Pharma have developed a unique, proprietary liposomal encapsulation technology to overcome the problem of poor bioavailability in oral supplementation by encapsulating nutrients into very small multi-layer spheres or liposomes.

Encapsulation Innovation

No other liposomal manufacturer has the expertise of GMPriority Pharma; fusing academia, science, research and development expertise spanning decades.

GMPriority Pharma truly is a world leader in liposome technology.

Academic & Research Partners

In September 2023, Professor Mohammad Najlah GMPriority Pharma’s Chief Scientist, graciously accepted the prestigious award for ‘Pharmaceutical Company of the Year’ in the Innovation and Excellence category at the Corporate LiveWire awards..


Are you passionate about innovation, creativity, and making a meaningful impact? If so, we invite you to consider joining our dynamic team. We believe that great accomplishments are achieved by great people, and we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our vision.

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GMPriority Pharma foster a culture of collaboration, continuous learning and personal growth.

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GMPriority Pharma are at the forefront of nano-encapsulation innovation, and we're dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities.


GMPriority Pharma believe that diverse perspectives and skills drive innovation. You'll collaborate with a team of passionate professionals who share your enthusiasm and drive.


GMPriority Pharma invest in team growth. Whether it's through training, workshops, or mentorship, we're committed to helping you reach your full potential.


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