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GMPriority Pharma is built on a foundation of decades of expertise in the exciting field of liposome technology.

The Liposome Specialists

Experts in liposomes, GMPriority Pharma is a first-class team of industry professionals with over 35 years of combined expertise in liposome technology, commercial liposomal production, product development & research.

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Experts in Liposomes Targeted Delivery

GMPriority Pharma’s liposomal technology overcomes the problem of poor bioavailability in oral supplementation by encapsulating nutrients into very small multi-layer spheres or liposomes.

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Liposome Technology
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Our state-of-the-art, ISO 22000 certified UK facility leads the way in the research of liposomes and their application across all industries.

Our team is highly skilled in the analysis of active release, encapsulation efficiency and active loading in response to changes in pH, temperature, the addition of excipients and many other potential impact factors.


Encapsulation Innovation

No other liposomal manufacturer has the expertise of GMPriority Pharma; fusing academia, science, research and development expertise spanning decades,

GMPriority Pharma truly is a world leader in liposome technology.

Experts in Liposomes

GMPriority Pharma is an expert pioneer in the field of liposome research and manufacturing.

Our state-of-the-art research and development laboratories, Class 7 cleanroom and world-class, ISO 22000 manufacturing facilities are designed to innovate pioneering liposomal technologies in liquid and powder formulations with broad diversity to meet all demands.

Our nano-encapsulation technology specialists have worked in the clinical development and analysis of liposomal formulas for commercial, medical, academic and pharmaceutical application.

The Liposome Specialists.

Leading from the front since 2010

GMPriority Pharma is the expert liposome manufacturer behind lipolife® liposomal supplements, setting the standard for quality commercial liposomal production for over ten years.

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