GMPriority Pharma


GMPriority Pharma offer an unparalleled liposome contract manufacture service.

We do not compromise on any aspect when it comes to quality control.

Your Brand. Our Expertise.

“What sets GMPriority Pharma apart in the field of liposome research, development and manufacturing is the academic calibre of their team and their unwavering commitment to scientific excellence.”

When choosing a contract manufacturer, you want to be sure you are partnering with a true expert in their field.

The process required to produce liposomal supplements is highly meticulous.

GMPriority Pharma specialise only in liposomes and lipid encapsulation.  We have developed our processes under the guidance of the most-skilled expert in nanoencapsulation.

Creating these innovative structures demands excellence; our ground-breaking research and state-of-the-art facility combined with our knowledgeable staff provide the foundations needed for stable, effective, true liposomes.

From conceptualisation to full-scale production, GMPriority Pharma offers a complete suite of contract manufacturing services:

Formulation Development

Expertly designed and optimised liposomal products tailored to your needs.

Analytical Characterisation

Thorough analysis of physicochemical properties to guarantee consistency and performance.

Scale-Up and Production

Smooth transition from lab-scale to large-scale manufacturing with stringent quality control.

Finished Product

Liquid or capsules; bulk or bottled; sachets or droppers, we'll provide your finished formula in the format you need.

Formulation development

Each liposome formulation is unique, just as each active encapsulated molecule is unique.

Formulation projects start with a strategic plan; the formulation strategy is the result of a thorough analysis of the pre-formulation data report.

GMPriority Pharma can facilitate any type of pre-clinical formulation development such as optimisation of encapsulation efficiency, physical and chemical stability studies and scale up.

Unparalleled Knowledge

SAIFx® Encapsulation Technology distinguishes our liposomal products from those of other companies, ensuring an unparalleled user experience. Leveraging our advanced smaller, stable, single-layer spheres, crafted from the highest quality ingredients available, our liposomal delivery systems represent a significant enhancement over conventional liposomal technology.

The distinction is demonstrably clear; our liposomal products exhibit a transparency that is achievable only with liposomes engineered to be sufficiently small to traverse cellular barriers and enter the bloodstream post-ingestion, thereby maximising bioavailability.