GMPriority Pharma


Guided by science, measured by results.

GMPriority Pharma are specialised in providing advanced contract services to academia, commercial and biotech/pharmaceutical industries in the field of nanoencapsulation.

We offer custom services according to your specific project needs, accelerating your venture to the next level. 


Our primary areas of expertise:

Characterisation and analysis

Commercial production

Dry powder technology

Feasibility and proof of concept


Research contracts

Scale-up manufacturing

Unlicensed specials

Our History

The most innovative and forward thinking liposome company.

We believe in authentic quality.

Our focused approach begins with detailed knowledge about each individual ingredient – their source, benefits, quality and consistency.

Through intensive research, rigorous processes, quality control and extensive testing, we place the highest importance in maintaining industry-leading standards to deliver premium products you can trust.

Our Four Pillars


At the heart of everything we do are the people that benefit from our products


For our customers, our employees, our partners and our industry.


Our superior standards and commitment to excellence are what make us unique.


Fusing academia, science, research and development, pioneering innovation.