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“What sets GMPriority Pharma apart in the field of liposome research, development and manufacturing is the academic calibre of their team and their
unwavering commitment to scientific excellence.”

Our highly skilled laboratory staff have extensive knowledge in research, development, analysis and manufacturing within the exciting field of nano-encapsulation.

GMPriority Pharma is specialised in the field of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical encapsulation using liposomes & microspheres.

Unparalleled Knowledge

GMPriority Pharma’s Research and Development capabilities include working with the latest innovative technologies such as engineering novel nanomaterials, polymeric prodrugs/conjugates and polymeric nano-particulates for drug delivery applications.

The best contract liposomal manufacturer in Europe - GMPriority Pharma

Highly Skilled

Our powerful research capabilities ensure fast and successful results throughout product development and scale up processes from laboratory trials to clinical and commercial production.

Formulation development

Formulation development

Each liposome formulation is unique, just as each active encapsulated molecule is unique.

Formulation projects start with a strategic formulation plan; the formulation strategy is the result of a thorough analysis of the pre-formulation data report.

GMPriority Pharma can facilitate any type of pre-clinical formulation development such as optimisation of encapsulation efficiency, physical and chemical stability studies and scale up.

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A Revolution in Liposome Technology

The Liposomal Difference, a breakthrough in Nutrient and Drug Delivery.

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