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Our new, state-of-the-art, ISO 22000
UK facility was commissioned in 2020.

Research and Innovation

Pioneering liposome research, GMPriority Pharma’s state-of-the-art production centre is focused on providing research, development and manufacturing expertise in the production of lipid-based nanoparticles, also known as liposomes.

Our clients and partners range from the academic and industrial sectors through to commercial brands and medical research facilities.  We invest heavily in Research & Development, ranging from immunological research to vitamin supplements and medical nutrition.

GMPP originally started as a commercial production facility in The Netherlands, producing liposomal food supplements for the consumer market.  More recently, we have expanded into contract research and development, working on patent process work for clients in government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices sectors.

We have extensive collaboration history with academic research laboratories and are currently working in partnership with a major university in the development of new anti-tumour compounds which require a liposome delivery system in order to be dosed in vivo.

Our laboratory specialisms include

world class facility


Our extensive experience in the field of nano-encapsulation technology makes us an expert in liposome preparation and manufacturing. The ultimate goal of our facility is to provide the highest standard of service and produce the unrivalled in effective formulations. 

From custom liposome production, analysis and characterisation to the application, innovation and formulation.


GMPP has the capability to manufacture any liposomal formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post production analysis, we do it all at the best prices and with the fastest lead times.

GMPriority Pharma has the knowledge and experience to help you formulate a product suitable for your target audience or specific requirements. 


Products without adequate development and testing are not viable.

GMPriority Pharma will never manufacture sub-standard products of any type.

We conduct challenge, ambient and accelerated studies in our onsite R&D laboratory to guarantee the premium quality, shelf life and stability of our formulas. 

Research and Development

The integration of our onsite research and development laboratory with our production facility guarantees successful formulation.

State of the art Production

GMPriority Pharma prides itself on the use of state of the art technology and equipment. This technology enables us to streamline our production processes.

Quality Analysis

We demand high standards of formula analysis throughout the development and manufacturing process.

what we promise, we deliver.

Pioneering Liposome Research

A breakthrough in Nutrient and Drug Delivery.

GMPriority Pharma – The Liposome Specialists.

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