GMPriority Pharma

The number one liposomal brand in the UK.

Lipolife have consistently remained at the forefront of the liposomal revolution in the UK and Europe.

The only brand of liposomal supplements to offer evidence of quality, proof of efficacy and independent analysis of formulations.

Whilst other brands of liposomal supplements focus on celebrity endorsements, paid awards, social media hashtags and marketing, Lipolife focus on the most important aspect of a liposomal supplement – the science.

GMPriority Pharma is the driving force behind Lipolife.

GMPriority Pharma is the science behind liposomal technology.

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first liposomal company uk europe lipolife

First Commercial Manufacturer

The first commercial liposomal manufacturer in Europe.


Global Presence

Products are available around the world.

Links with Academia

lipolife formulas have been the subject of various studies, including The Open University and University of Nottingham.

The Open University finds Lipolife Liposomal Vitamin C to be superior

Independently Verified

Analysed by an independent laboratory, proving significant excellence in efficacy.

Research GMPP

Community Focussed

Committed to social responsiblity

the leading liposomal brand in the UK

Comprehensive Range

Offer the widest range of liposomal supplements.

"The absorption rate is fantastic and has reduced my cancer cell count from 21 cells per 7ml of blood down to 16 in just 3 months.”

"The only liposomal product that I would use.

You pay for what you get and lipolife is great quality with the absorption rate that you need."
I’ve not had a cold in the last two years since I’ve been taking lipolife.
Cannot go without it now."